GameChange Capital, LLC
Firm Overview

GameChange Capital LLC is a private equity investment firm that provides startup and growth capital to companies offering scalable and profitable solutions to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

The firm was founded in August 2011 by Daniel Abbasi with the visionary backing of Chris Hohn and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation. 

GameChange Capital LLC was founded on the premise that rigor in the pursuit of its low-carbon purpose requires flexibility as to investee stage and sector.  For example, many of the transformational solutions needed to deeply cut greenhouse gas emissions are not yet in the market.  In such cases, GameChange principals -- who are both investors and entrepreneurs themselves -- partner with other entrepreneurs to conceive, finance and launch enterprises to propagate such solutions, sometimes from a scratch-start.

Equally important is de-risking, costing out and scaling up carefully selected solutions that have already been brought to market, and achieved early market acceptance and revenue traction.  In such cases, GameChange principals supply growth-stage private equity capital and associated value-added services required for enterprise acceleration. 

Decarbonization is an economy-wide task.  As such, GameChange principals look across all commercial and industrial sectors, not just those traditionally associated with clean energy or clean tech. The firm's research probes deeply into supply chains to find and address the fundamental limiting factors inhibiting emissions reduction in a given sector.

The firm’s name – GameChange – reflects an internally imposed discipline and a high bar for investment approval:  we believe there are many other talented capital providers capable of financing attractive investment opportunities, but far fewer who are entirely focused, as we are, on identifying and nurturing only those transformational solutions capable of mitigating the unprecedented risks posed by climate change. 

We believe, based on our collective decades of experience in the low-carbon and environmental technology arena, that the firm's mission is entirely consistent with making attractive, even outsized, economic returns on a risk-adjusted basis. The only way to motivate large-scale redirection of capital flows toward low-carbon solutions, as will be required over this century, is to demonstrate convincingly that the rewards they offer will exceed those of other sector-specific or generalist strategies.  We believe strongly that the window to do this is now.

GameChange Capital's first investment was in Flowcastings GmbH, a manufacturing company that is bringing dynamic process innovation to the manufacture of complex, high-value turbine airfoils for the global aircraft engine industry, thereby accelerating its customers’ drive to improve engine performance, fuel efficiency and emissions performance.

GameChange deploys not just financial capital, but intellectual capital, drawing on its principals’ and investors’ experience and networks in technology, policy and finance.  Recent years have demonstrated the importance of such experience and expertise.  A number of photogenic clean energy technologies have generated significant hype and political support, only to fall prey to political change, desubsidization and realities of international comparative advantage that should have been better understood and anticipated.  By contrast, sober research, an understanding of technical "first principles" and an economy-wide view that unearths previously overlooked sub-sectors, all contribute to GameChange's unique and advantaged model for transformational investing.

The firm's principals enthusiastically welcome discussions with entrepreneurs whose start-up or emerging growth-stage enterprises offer:

  • A bold, defensible and game-changing concept.
  • A quantifiable and scalable carbon reduction impact.
  • A clear and differentiated value proposition targeting a large, identifiable market.
  • A skilled, cohesive and impassioned team.
Inquiries from investee candidates meeting these criteria should be directed to:

GameChange Capital, LLC is also seeking an associate to join its investment team in 2015.  The ideal candidate will bring a minimum of three to five years of private equity transactional experience; standout analytical and investigative skills; a tireless work ethic; and a commitment to the firm's low-carbon mission.  Interested individuals should send their resume to:

GameChange Capital LLC is based in Stamford, Connecticut, USA.

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